How to Raise a New Born Baby Parakeet Perfectly?

A yet another parakeet lover? I must say that you and I are absolutely the same on this ground. I too love everything about those captivating birds, whether it is their looks or unbelievable communicating skills.

Recently, I bought a couple of newborn parakeets along with the duo of their parents from Petco.

Why did I do that?

Well, I just simply fell in love with them at the same moment when I saw their pictures. Above that, I rejoiced because I was able to buy them quite at an affordable rate. All thanks go to CouponsMonk that I came across a lucrative deal from the store which fetched me around 45% off!

Howbeit, after I bought, I got quite confused while thinking that how I can actually take care of the baby parakeets who are so tender and little. So, I did a lot of research, asked my friends who have some knowledge on this, and finally clarified the concept.

What did I learn?

Here are the significant takeaways to remember:

Foster Regularly:

The smaller chicks definitely need a lot of attention. If you think that your small parakeets aren’t getting fed well, you need to keep them with the foster parents.

You can move one or two babies to such a nest which is already having some chicks of similar age. Just ensure that the foster parents are genuinely taking care of the new babies. If you see that they are not doing so, make sure that you are feeding them by yourself.

Buying a baby bird formula which is being specifically designed for parakeets is a must-buy. Next, always ensure that you are following the instructions cautiously.

Browse through the stores like  to explore a wide variety of such baby bird formulas. If you could find an exciting pets products discount offer at the store, you will save huge.

Take Care of the Environment:

When you’re an infant parakeet, you must purchase a cage of perfect size. With the measurement of 18 inches in width by 18 inches in depth along with a height of 24 inches, a cage will be perfect for your parakeet.

Also, make sure that you are placing a secured cup of food and water in the cage. Further, you need to place a number of perches which range from different heights to materials and thickness.

Moreover, you have to even add a ladder and a swing inside. It will let the baby parakeets fly within the cage and get proper exercise.

Feed the Chicks with Hand:

If the mother parakeet is not in a condition to feed her babies, you’ve to take over the role. You can use a tiny syringe to feed the chicks. Always make sure that you are cleaning the instruments cautiously after each and every use.

Also, keep some basic steps in your mind always. You must use boiled water while preparing the formulas. Next, you need to cool the mixture properly before feeding the chicks.

Oh! Yes, one more major thing to remember is that you shouldn’t use microwave while heating the food. Otherwise, there will be an uneven heating.

Last but not the least, you must give a signal to the chicks about opening its mouth. It is nothing but a gentle tap in their beaks.

Handle the Nesting Box Smartly:

When the chick’s feathers have started to feather, you must clean the nesting box on a weekly basis. First of all, you should start with washing and dry your hands cautiously.

Next, you must place the babies in a huge bowl which is being lined with paper towels. Just make sure that the chicks are remaining warm enough.

Now, quickly make the nest empty and start placing the fresh bedding inside. Finally, you need to place the babies back in the nest and open the door so that the mother can enter.

Take Care of the Chick’s Health: 

You’ve to be very serious about the parakeet’s health. While feeding the babies, you have to ensure that there is no food stuck in their upper beaks. If so, you must clean inside the mouth with a cotton swab dipped in warm water.

Also, sometimes due to any kind of problem, you can see that the baby’s splayed legs are extending in an outward direction. It can be because of any reason starting from an imbalance in the diet to the mother parakeet sitting on babies for long. If you see any such symptom, it needs an immediate veterinarian consultation.

Lastly, if you are someone like me who is having baby parakeets along with their parents, you must remember the aforementioned points. It will certainly help you to raise the chicks brilliantly into a group of stunning parakeets soon.

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