5 Best Vision bird cage models in 2022 Recommended by Vet

Bird owners have special needs when it comes to caring for their pets. Problems that bird owners face on a daily basis can involve health issues, cage cleaning, and bird safety. Cage designers at Hagen have developed new and better ways to meet those needs with the Vision bird cages. Read on to learn more about the outstanding features of the Vision line of small, medium, and large bird cages. These are truly revolutionary in their approach to safe, beautiful, and easy to use cages.

Issues Bird Owners Face

Have you ever had to deal with…

  • seed and droppings spilling out onto the floor?
  • clumsy access to feed and water bowls, toys, and perches?
  • inconvenient access to birds themselves when taking them out of the cage?
  • birds who like to escape?
  • uniform perch size and shape that can cause foot problems?
  • doors that open outward where the bird can perch over carpet or flooring?
  • doors that slide up but don’t stay in place?

Vision brand bird cages have been designed to remove many inconveniences of cage use and bird ownership that have plagued bird owners for decades. These revolutionary cages provide a variety of sizes that allow for a healthy range of motion for birds. Vision has redesigned several aspects of the typical bird cage so that both owners and birds can be more comfortable, safer, and have better interaction together. Breaking with traditional design has made for new features that improve life for birds and their owners. This includes details like these:

  • debris guards
  • removable bottom tray for cleaning
  • multiple doors to control the size of the opening: have
  • one or two doors open for smaller or larger openings
  • use only one door at a time to keep birds from escaping
  • unique perches that accommodate moving feet
  • doors that open inward when a bird is perched on them
  • very useful and very elegant looking

How To Choose a Cage: An Overview

Choosing a good cage is important. It will affect the bird’s environment and their health. Bird owners want safe cages that are simple to clean. The cage should look great, too. The cage is one of the most important investments to make, and owners want them to last a long time. Things to look for in a cage include appropriate size, design for access, cleaning convenience, health-promoting details, and aesthetics.


The larger a cage is, the more room birds have to exercise and interact with their environment. A bird cage is an investment that will pay off for years to come. It will provide safety, security, space to play, and easy clean up for bird owners. This is especially true for multiple birds. A cage that is too small can cause stress and health issues. The happier the bird, the better they’ll interact, sing, learn, and play.

Design For Easy Access

Having more than one door built into a cage allows bird owners to access their pets as well as reach food and water dishes easily. Open one door on these cages to handle the bird, or open two doors to allow a broad perch for a bird to walk about on. No doors slide up or fall down on these cages. Dishes have a separate access. The detachable base means birds can stay in the cage while the bottom is cleaned.


A removable base makes cleaning the bottom that much easier. No need to remove the birds! Side guards keep seeds and droppings inside and down in the tray as well. This makes it easier to do daily and weekly cleaning. The cage snaps together and comes apart the same way.

Healthy Environment

With room to stretch their wings and a variety of perches and places for toys, birds will enjoy their environment. Birds are intelligent and need regular stimulation in a variety of ways with challenging, fun play time. Each cage is versatile to meet those needs. They are designed to make different kinds of birds happy. Cage cleaning will be easier to do and so cages will get cleaned more often. Owners will not have the irritation of messy floors around the cage. It works out for everyone!


Cages in bright colors look appealing in homes. The light airy design will appeal to homeowners who love their birds. The elegance of the perch design adds a natural look to the entire cage. Just add the splash of color that your favorite breed of bird has. These cages look superb in bedrooms, living room, den, or anywhere. They can be moved from room to room to provide birds with new and interesting environments as well.

Let’s take a closer look at five of the best in bird cage designs available on the market today. These products have consistently high reviews from experienced bird owners. They have a popular following that recognizes safe, convenient design. Their special design meets enthusiastic veterinarian approval. As an added plus, they assemble without the use of tools.

Introducing The Cages

Image Model Size Details
Model M02 – Medium
24.6″ x 15.6″ x 34.3″
Model M01 – Medium
24″ x 15″ x 20.5″
Model L12 – Large
29.5″ x 15″ x 36.5″
Model L01 – Large
17″ x 31″ x 22″
Model S01 – Small
15″ x 19″ x 20″

1. Model M02 – Medium

  • Product Description

This is a Vision cage medium in size and extravagant in style. The dimensions are 24.6″ long x 15.6″ wide x 34.3″ and the cage is built to be tall. The wire is small and spaced closely together for the safety of small breeds, but it still allows air flow. It is designed with parakeets, finches, canaries, and other small breeds in mind. The shape is a double tall design for birds to have a sense of safe roosting with multiple perches at varying heights to feel like tree branches. Two sets of doors allow access to any corner of the cage for cleaning, feeding, or handling the birds. Even the feed and water dishes have doors! The base comes apart from the cage and that allows easier cleaning.

The debris guards help protect the flooring around the cage. This will help keep the cage and the area around it cleaner. Vision is particularly proud of the green perches that come with the cage. These are specially designed to allow a variety of perch sizes and shapes for birds to choose from. This avoids foot problems associated with birds who have to rely on uniform perches. This model has four of these perches so multiple birds can perch and roost comfortably.The overall look of the cage is light and airy  with an artistic design that will look good in any room.

Feature Highlights

  • green ergonomic perches
  • tall height
  • small wire gauge for small birds
  • multiple doors for easy access
  • removable base for cleaning
  • sturdy guards to keep feathers, seed, and droppings inside


The MO2 Medium cage is fun to look at. It is designed with both owners and birds in mind. From the outside, it has ease of access for feeding, cleaning, etc. From the inside birds will love the space, the perches, and room for a variety of stimulating toys. Although it is tall, it does not tip over easily.

2. Model M01 – Medium

  • Product Description

The model M01 bird cage has a horizontal design and provides multiple doors for access to feed bowls. The feed bowls have their own doors for convenient access. The cage size is 24″ x 15″ x 20 1/2″. Having a deep base with guards in place reduces waste and litter on the flooring around the cage.

The special perches reduce unhealthy pressure on bird feet and encourage exercise with a design that has curves and splits to simulate natural tree branches. Happy users report that more than one bird of small breed can be housed safely in this model. The wire is small enough to allow birds to climb and spaced apart at safe distances to prevent birds getting caught between the wires. Toys can be clipped onto the wires easily. Owners report that assembly of the cage is easy. Dismantling the base for cleaning works well, too, for ease of use and for the safety of the birds.

Feature Highlights

  • deep inset base
  • horizontal shape
  • 2 unique perches
  • small gauge wire for small birds
  • easy assembly and cleaning
  • accessible dishes
  • multiple doors


The model M01 medium has an ideal shorter shape for fitting on a shelf or elsewhere. The perches are designed to protect little feet and the cage is designed for simple cleaning. The covers above the dishes help keep food and water clean, which means less food waste and less work for bird lovers. This design is more suited to birds who prefer floor space instead of the feeling of being high in a tree. The bottom wire grate removes easily for this purpose.

3. Model L12 – Large

  • Product Description

This large cage measures 29 1/2″ x 15″ x 36 1/2″ at the base. The wires are made with a thicker gauge wire to withstand stronger beaks. The terracotta perches are designed for medium-sized birds like parakeet, lovebirds and cockatiels. The double-tall height allows more room for larger birds. Placing food and water dishes at a low level keeps food inside the ‘bubble’ shaped base.

The debris guards work to keep feed and other mess from falling out of the cage and onto the flooring below. This reduces cleaning efforts and frees up time. The terracotta dishes and perches can withstand strong beaks. These cages come with double doors that allow for a wide opening. This means that birds have a roomy perch when the door is open, and owners can access toys and dishes easily. The doors also open in instead of out. Birds who perch on the door will not send droppings onto a table or floor. These doors move on hinges rather than sliding up and down. This avoids the annoyance of doors that close on your hand and they are safer for birds who could get hurt by a falling door.

Feature Highlights

  • 4 great perches
  • low dish placement with a roof like covers
  • deep base to keep seed inside
  • guards to keep debris inside
  • terracotta dishes and perches that can take a busy beak
  • large and tall size
  • easy to assemble, easy to clean


Larger cages like the L12 model leave room for birds to play. There are plenty of places to add toys and perches. The terracotta should last a long time. This cage is ideal for breeding pairs of birds, a collection of small breed birds, or a slightly larger breed like a cockatiel. It’s easy to care for and so it will look its best in any room. Even though it is large, it is easy to assemble.

4. Model L01 – Large

  • Product Description

This is a size that suits canaries, parakeets & budgies, finches, small conures, and cockatiels. The double doors allow for a small opening or a larger one for reaching into the cage. The Vision advantage is seen in the perches that allow for different kinds of foot grips. The feed and water dishes are covered with a protective little roof. This keeps the food and water clean but lets birds get to their food easily. At the base the cage measures 17″ x 31″ x 22″.

This means lots of room for your feathered friend to stretch, play, and exercise! Another advantage is the use of horizontal bars. This lets climbers find lots of places for their feet as they explore their cage. Leave the doors open for a safe and convenient perch while your pet interacts with you. Move the perches around or add new toys on a regular basis.

Feature Highlights

  • protected dishes
  • deep base and debris guards that keep debris inside the cage
  • large size for lots of room
  • doors that access dishes
  • 2 adjustable perches
  • terracotta perches and dishes
  • removable bottom grate for bottom feeders


The large size of the model L01 allows for roominess without sacrificing easy clean up. The thin wire is designed for smaller birds who won’t pinch the wires together. The wire design lets birds climb easily. With multiple doors for access and the removable base for cleaning, this cage would free up time for interacting with your birds instead of just cleaning up after them. It is attractive and airy. It provides lots of opportunities for smart birds to have a stimulating environment. They can be safe, comfortable, and look great in their stylish cage.

5.Model S01 – Small

  • Product Description

Measuring 15 inches x 19 inches x 20 inches, the Vision bird cage small, model S01, suits a parakeet or a finch or two. Safe doors open inward to prevent small pets being hurt by a door that slides up but then falls down. Dishes have their own doors.

The green plastic perches are the unique design Vision is known for. These provide a variety of grips so that bird feet have no circulation problems and birds feel as if they are in a tree. The easy assembly, easy cleaning, and safety features mean that a child could take care of their pet bird with only a little supervision and enjoy it. Having a small cage available works well for owners of multiple birds, too.It often makes sense to separate one bird from the others but to keep them close by so they don’t get lonely.

Feature Highlights

  • single height
  • 2 green perches
  • deep base with guards all around
  • safe and secure door openings
  • bottom comes off for easy cleaning
  • divided dishes for a variety of treats
  • dishes are easy to reach
  • small size fits anywhere


An excellent cage for a beginner with only one or two birds. Vision is committed to making these cages as easy to care for and as safe as possible. This includes safe doors and plenty of them! The base is deep and catches seed and droppings that would otherwise end up on the floor or tabletop. Birds have plenty of climbing space and space for toys. The small size means less work, too. This is a cage that would look attractive in any room and on any surface.


Are these cages hard to put together?

These cages are pretty easy to put together. Take your time and read instructions carefully. All parts snap together with plastic clips. Once assembled, the doors, bottom grate, base, and other moving parts are easy to use.

Can they be used as travel cages?

These could possibly be used as travel cages for very short distances (like moving across town). They are not designed for airline travel or long-distance travel. The plastic parts could get bumped, dropped, or broken.

Can I hang these cages up?

These cages are not intended for hanging. They may come apart under those conditions. They are designed as tabletop cages. They can sit on a shelf, a bird cage stand, or any kind of table.

Do I have to use only Vision brand toys and attachments?

Vision does offer a range of interesting and entertaining toys for many kinds of birds. Other products should fit in the wire gauges too. It depends on the size of the toy and the size of the cage.

How hard is it to clean?

Vision has had reports of young children being able to clean the cage. Hagen designed these cages so that cleaning is pretty simple. Just unclip the base and lift the cage off of it. Place the cage over a newspaper, a towel, or another stable surface. Clean the base thoroughly, then clean toys, dishes, and other surfaces. The birds can stay in the cage the whole time, but they don’t have to. Maybe they’d like to help!

Can I have more than one bird in a cage?

It depends on the size of the birds and the size of the cage. Each bird should be able to open its wings as far as they can without bumping anything. They should be able to move freely to different levels of the cage. If food dishes get empty too quickly, it may be a sign that you have too many birds in the cage. Some of these cages would suit mated pairs, small family groups, or larger breeds of the small bird group.

How do I choose the right size of cage?

Make sure that the wire gauge and spacing is appropriate for your pets. Wire should be spaced no farther than 1/2″ apart for small breeds. A small bird may escape a large cage that has wires spaced far apart. A larger bird may pry thinner wires apart. It might even get trapped between bent wires. Another rule of thumb: the wires should be closer together than the eyes on your bird’s head. That means they will not be able to get their head between the bars to escape or harm themselves. Pet retail suppliers can show you some tips and explain how they house their birds. If your bird screams a lot, or plucks at its feathers, it may be a sign you need a larger cage.

Wrapping It Up

For convenience, safety features, and great looks, Vision bird cages by Hagen have everything going for them. These exciting cage designs assure greater opportunity for birds to have fun and exercise. Specially designed perches, horizontal wires for climbing, and protected food dishes give birds a fantastic environment to live in. The deep base and debris guards keep most waste inside the cage so that your floor stays cleaner.

The cage is so simple to clean that birds stay healthier, too. That means a longer, more enjoyable life for them. It means greater enjoyment for the bird owner, too.These cages are easy to see into, easy to clean, easy to add food and water too. They look great anywhere. The design makes responsible care of pets simpler. Birds enjoy the space, the climbing features, and the healthy perches. With different sizes and styles to choose from, any bird owner could find the Vision cage that suits their pet birds the best.