What type of Dogs Breeds are Good With Parrots?

Pets bring joy and harmony to our lives and surround us with love and good vibes. Having many different pets involves lots of responsibilities and effort to ensure they are getting along well with one another. When you already have a pet and want to make a new addition to your family, but the new […]

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How to Raise a New Born Baby Parakeet Perfectly?

A yet another parakeet lover? I must say that you and I are absolutely the same on this ground. I too love everything about those captivating birds, whether it is their looks or unbelievable communicating skills. Recently, I bought a couple of newborn parakeets along with the duo of their parents from Petco.Why did I do […]

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10 Signs of Illness in Your Dogs

We all are well aware of this fact that just like us, our four legged pet ‘dog’ also comes in contact with the different disease-causing organisms. Seeing a sick dog is really painful for dog lovers. If you notice any kind of physical or behavioural changes in your dog, then immediately take them to your vet […]

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