Best 5 Parakeet and Canary Bird Breeding Cages Review {2021 Updated}

Breeding canaries and parakeets take determination, patience, and dedication, but the rewards are great once you've succeeded. It's important to choose the best canary breeding cages available.

There are many types of cages for breeding in the marketplace, and you'll be happy to find out that the latest crop of breeding bird cages includes double stacked cages, triple stack cages, rolling wheels, and bird cages that have dividers.

By getting a unit with dividers, you can easily remove the dividers if you want to have a very large space for your canaries or parakeets to get together and mate.

Tips for breeding canaries and parakeets

The Canaries are, for the most part, good parents. Both parents care for the chicks and feed them for around 4 weeks. You will want to provide them with a stress-free environment.

You'll need a large cage for your couple to breed in, and then a nest and some nesting materials that the female can use to build the nest. You'll want to purchase canary breeding bird cages that are large and are set up with a divider through the middle.

Putting one bird on each side will allow your pair to get used to each other without allowing any contact. When it's time for breeding, you can simply remove the divider, and then let the breeding begin!

Breeding parakeets and budgies aren't hard, but there are a few things to remember. First, make sure that your parakeets are a true pair. Males have completely blue nostril holes. Females have a very light colored ring circling each nostril hole. Allow the breeding pair you want to get to know each other and bond.

When you see them sitting together on a perch, following each other around, and the male budgie feeding the female, then they have bonded and it is time to breed.

Add a nesting box to the cage that has a little dish inside it so that any eggs won't roll out of the nest and get far away from the mother bird's heat. This is very important - you don't want the eggs to get cold!

When are your birds ready to mate?

You will need to watch for signs that your birds are "in condition". This usually occurs in springtime, when there's around fourteen hours of light, and the temperature averages about 70 degrees.

When a male canary is ready to mate he will drop his wings and sing louder and harsher sounds. He might also dance around his perch. A female will usually start to tear up a paper like she's preparing a nest.

She might raise her tail and do a squatting motion if the male is near. The best sign that your female canary is ready to mate is when her vent appears swollen and red.

Let the breeding begin!

Remove the divider when you've seen signs that your birds are ready to breed. This includes touching beaks or kissing through the wire partition. Be careful to avoid fighting. If they start to fight they should be separated as soon as possible. If the female is ready she will crouch down, which signals her willingness.

The male will mount the female bird, in short, consecutive bursts. Once this occurs, replace the birds to separate sides of the cage, and start counting. It usually takes about 14 days for a canary chick to hatch.

​Best 5 Parakeet & Canary Breeding cages List




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  • Product Description

Divided stack-able cages with dividers provide the greatest amount of convenience. Breeders can remove or keep the divider, and overall this type of breeding cage is the best in many respects. When it comes to these kinds of cages, the Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder by Prevue Cage stands out.

It's made of high quality wrought iron, is stack-able, spacious, has a divider, and comes equipped with 4 plastic cups and 4 perches. Both cage systems have side nesting doors, two front doors that have secure locks, doors for side nesting, and pull out grills and trays.

In conclusion

Breeders loved its roominess, sturdiness, and how easy it is to clean. This is high-quality canary breeding cages that are available for a very reasonable price.

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If you have birds like parakeets or canaries, they love their cages to be set well off the ground. Ideal breeding bird cages will have a rolling stand to give the breeder many options. The Hampton Deluxe Divided Prevue Pet Products F070 Breeder Cage with Stand can be combined with the Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage.

In conclusion

It is extremely sturdy and is spacious enough for canaries. The rolling stand is convenient, as is the easily movable partition (divider).

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When you're not using your cages for breeding, it's essential that your cage is big enough so that your bird can hop around and easily spread both its wings. There also should be room to house toys and other amusements for your bird.

The one breeding cage that stands out in this category is the Bellas Bungalow Breeding Bird Cage. Its large flight cage is easily converted into 3 smaller cages, which can be stacked on top of each other. It has galvanized steel construction, roominess, and versatility.

In conclusion

It also has 4 natural wood perches, 4 water and food feeders, and the easy access nest-box cage door. You can't go wrong with this model if you're seeking breeding bird cages.

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The key word when purchasing any bird cages is versatility. You want a spacious, movable, stack-able cage that is also attractive and durable at the same time.

A cage that meets all of these criteria is the Combo Large Stack with Removable Divider and Breeder Doors. Remember that these cages aren't meant to breed larger birds like quails; they are perfect for parakeets. budgies, or canaries.

In conclusion

The features that make this cage stand out from the rest are its simple cleaning, and the ability to pull the tray or grid out of the cages without bothering the birds. It includes both a wire partition and a solid partition, is reasonably priced, and is perfect for smaller birds.

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Bird breeders know that a cage with wide bar spacing might be perfect for a parrot or a cockatoo but won't do for smaller birds like canaries and budgies. Canary breeding cages should have a minimum cage size of 18" x 18" x 24" and a bar spacing of 1/4" to 1/2". In this category, the YML Breeding Bird Cage stands out.

Not only does it have the perfect dimensions, but it also has the best bar spacing - 1/2" - for small birds. It has an easy assembly and sturdiness, and hey are fine bird cages overall.

In conclusion

The price is right, the instructions are clear, and it provides plenty of space. The lower feeders also help to keep seed scattering at a minimum.


There is a good selection of fine cages available for your canaries and parakeets breeding. The most popular cages are the cages that are stack-able, modular, and have roll-able wheels and a removable divider.