5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable Year Round

Dogs are treasured family members who often act like human members rather than four-legged ones. But just because the human members of the family are happy and comfortable, it doesn’t mean our pets, canine or otherwise, feel the same. Thankfully it only takes a little to ensure our puppies feel comfortable at any time of the year. With a few minor adjustments, dogs will happily live their best life regardless of the season.

Provide A Quiet Space

Just like people, even the most social, outgoing dog requires downtime to recharge their batteries. Providing them with a quiet, comfortable space, they can retreat to will allow your dog a safe space to gather their thoughts as needed. As pack animals who prefer company, a cozy bed in a quiet corner and a comfortable space outside should be plenty. Teach children to stay out of these spaces as they often don’t understand that their beloved pup needs time out occasionally.

Physical Health

Regular walks and activity are a vital part of keeping dogs in good physical health, but this is only part of the story. Just like people, canines can suffer from wear and tear because of all this activity and exploration. Weather extremes affect the surfaces dogs walk on, which can cause dry paw complaints. Dryness can lead to painful cracks, callouses, and infections if left untreated, so use a moisturizing balm regularly.


Long or short-haired, your pet dog feels great when their coat is in excellent condition, so maintaining a grooming routine is essential. Brushing lifts dust and any loose skin away, reducing any itching. In pups with longer hair, it reduces the possibility of tangles and debris catching in their coats. If you prefer to avoid taking your dog to a professional groomer for tasks such as bathing and hair trimming, with the correct tools, you can give them a wonderful home spa experience.

Water Play

Our four-legged canine friends get as hot and uncomfortable as us in the hot summer months. And just like us, they love playing in the water to cool down. If daily trips to the beach aren’t possible, treat your pup to a paddling pool in a shady section of the yard. A hard-shell pool is durable against sharp claws while providing refreshing stimulation. You may want to stand out of the way when the puppy dries off, though, because the whole-body shake, while amusing to watch, will get you thoroughly wet too.

Wrap Up Warm

At the opposite end of the year, dogs that aren’t specially bred for arctic climates feel the cold. When taking Pup out for a walk, consider if they need a coat to help retain heat. If they have sensitive feet, you can add boots to their outfit, which protect the paw pads from damaging salt and ice. Having a big fluffy dry towel ready and waiting for after and winter walks will be far more appealing for you and your dog.

A happy dog is a comfortable dog. Tend to their health year-round by treating minor ailments immediately and keeping on top of grooming and exercise. And as the seasons change, make adjustments to ensure Pup’s continued comfort.