Why Dogs Eat Grass And 4 Tips To Prevent It

Your canine companion begs you to let him stay outside, and when you fulfill his wish, you see him chewing onto the grass. Well, he clearly is not a cow, and when you see him gobbling the grass, you might get confused or worried about such behavior. Right?

Do not worry!! Grass eating seems to be very common among dogs and at least is not as odd as eating rocks or metal dishes, which is seen among many others. Even though it is quite common among dogs, yet it baffles many dog owners.

Now the question is, why do they do so? Here is the answer- They may find it fun to eat grass, or they may like its taste. Also, the reason could be stomach distress and any other.

One survey even found out that grass is the most common plant eaten by dogs.

Here, you will get to know everything about why dogs eat grass and what you can do to prevent them from doing so.

So, let’s jump onto why do they do so.

1. To Get Over the Feeling of Boredom

Dogs have feelings. Just like they feel loved and exhibit their love towards you, in the same way, they may feel bored too. Yeah!! You read it right. Just like we human beings sometimes get bored even when we have got the whole place equipped with various sources of entertainment to ourselves, in the same way, dogs do too.

They have got the whole backyard to themselves but feel bored. So, to get over such a feeling of boredom, they start eating grass. They usually do it when they don’t get much time to involve in mental or physical activity.

Tip to Prevent them from doing so: You may provide them with a chewing toy as an alternative. Or, the best you can do is dedicate yourself to them (play with them, take them for a walk, or involve them in physical and mental exercise routine).

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2. They Like the Taste

It is safe to assume that dogs may like the taste and texture of the grass. There is also speculation that eating grass may provide them traces of essential nutrients which they usually don’t get enough in the commercial dog food. Thus, they switch onto eating grass.

The modern-day dog has a limited diet, but its wild relative enjoys a wide variety of foods. Just like coyotes and many other wild canines eat roots, grass, berries in addition to the meat, the same tendency to eat grass shows up in your dog too.

It is also likely that in addition to the grass, your dog might enjoy other raw plant snacks, including cabbage, bananas, and other fruits and veggies.

Although it is quite okay if they enjoy the taste but, here is a tip to prevent them from doing so: You may switch them to a diet that is rich in fiber and other essential nutrients. It is seen that some dogs stop eating grass after they are provided a rich diet.

3. Stomach disorder

Some experts say that grass serves as a form of self-medication for dogs when they suffer from any sort of stomach discomfort. So, they prefer to eat grass to get rid of the feeling of stomach distress.

Tip to prevent them from doing so: Stomach distress can be a sign of something more serious (maybe gastric reflux or bowel disease), so make sure you consult a vet timely.

4. To Induce Vomiting

Eating grass does not always induce vomiting, but it sometimes does, especially if the dog does not eat grass regularly. There is a possibility that the occasional grass eater dogs are attempting to eat it just to induce the feeling of vomiting and eventually doing so.

You may notice that your dog feels a bit gassy, or its feces may be a bit runny and discolored. If this is the case, then your dog may begin to gulp a mouthful of grass.

Tip to prevent them from doing so: The right thing to do here is taking them to the vet timely.

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Few Things to Consider 

If your dog eats grass occasionally, then there is not much to worry about the same. If the reason behind your dog eating grass is boredom and nutritional deficiency, then you must consider adding some spice in his life and a rich diet in his food bowl. However, if you notice that your dog is still eating grass, then you must pay heed to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

Also, if you notice that your dog is eating grass for more than two days, then it is a sign that you must not ignore his behavior and see an expert.

Although many experts say that eating grass is not harmful, certain herbicides and pesticides used on lawns can prove to be toxic (if ingested by a dog). In addition to this, many garden and house plants are poisonous, so make sure that the plants in and around your house where your little ball of fur grazes are not dangerous.

The Last Say

Being a pet parent is one of the best feelings in the world, but with a dog comes a lot of other responsibilities too. You need to stay active and take proper care of them and their needs. Likewise, you need to stay alert about their changing behavior.

I hope that this article might have helped you understand why dogs eat grass and how you can prevent them from doing so.

So, if you see your dog eating grass, do not panic and take the appropriate action timely.