Surprising Facts About The Largest Eagle In The World

The bird of high esteem and high altitude, eagle is very different from the herd. This bird reflects the quality of a warrior i.e., furious, determination, and bravery. The courageous bird is also symbolized and worshipped as a God in some parts of the World. We can learn many qualities from this fast and furious bird that will help in managing ourselves in a much better and focused way.

According to many Business Gurus, one can learn many management lessons from the eagle. Learn the lesson of leadership, never-give-up attitude, the aim to achieve high, nurturing the talent of sub-ordinates and fearless from it. But today, we will be going to discuss the Largest Eagle in the World and some facts related to them.

Harpy Eagle

This 176 to 224 cms sized eagle mostly found in South America and the Central part of America. Known as the most furious and dangerous hunter in the world, the prey range from the sloth to snakes to the 17-pound monkey. This Royal hawk gets its name from Greek Mythology where the Harpy means the eagle with the human face and eagle body.


  • Life span is between 35 to 45 years
  • It has the largest Talon at the rear leg
  • They made their nest at the tallest tree of the forest
  • Follows the monogamous system
  • Gain breeding maturity between 4 to 6 years of age
  • Don’t hunt every day as their body has the tolerance for eating few days old meats
  • They raise the baby after every two years
Steller’s Sea Eagle

Founded in Russia, East Asia, and Japan, this is the largest eagle of all. Its weight, length, and wingspan turn into the largest predator of all. It generally feeds on fish, water birds, crabs, mussel and sometimes domestic dogs and red foxes. It weighs between 13 to 20 pounds. They prefer to migrate to Japan during the winter season.


  • They are diurnal i.e., they are active during night and day
  • Named after a zoologist named Georg Wilhelm Steller
  • Japan has honored it as National Treasure
  • It is Monogamist
  • Breeding season starts from February to August
  • The lifespan is of 20 years
White-tailed Eagle

As the name suggests its white tail with the dark brown body with the yellow beak gives a mesmerizing look to this furious eagle. Founded to live between 20 to 25 years or more, these are most likely to be found near the water bodies.


  • Found in Northen Japan, Europe, and Russia
  • More prefer sea coast and low lying areas
  • Nests are reused by pair of White-tailed eagles or the next generation
  • Counted in
  • Speed up to 70 KMS/Hours
  • Food includes Coots, duck, frogs, rabbits, turtles, squirrels and raccoons
  • In history, it was counted in the endangered species
Philippine Eagle

Honoured with the title of National bird, Philippine Eagle founded in the Southeast Asia country, Philippine. Considering its wing and length surface, it is the largest extant eagles in the world. Its amazing bluish eyes, dark and powerful claws, and brownish color along with the eyesight much better than humans make it a more dangerous eagle.


  • Can live up to 60 years
  • Hunting it can land in jail for 12 years
  • Known as the monkey-eating eagle, does not eat monkey
  • Food includes reptiles, birds, squirrel, fruit bat, Asian palm civet
  • Female eagle get sexually active at five and male at seven years of age
  • Remains loyal to one partner
  • Reproduce young one after every two years
American Bald Eagle

It is one of the most popular eagles due to the abundance amount of American newspaper and television coverage. Home to this beautiful creature is near lakes, coasts and in fish dumping areas where the chance to find food is higher. Mainly found in North America, food is primarily fish, ducks and other birds found near water bodies. They can reach the height of 10,000 ft in the sky.


  • Does not have smell sense
  • In past, it was enlisted in the endangered species
  • Find a partner through the courtship method
  • Not born with the white and brown look
  • Nest weighs up to 900 kgs
  • Lay eggs between 1 to 3 in a year
  • Life expectancy between 28 to 36 years
Martial Eagle

Named after the Roman God of War, this bird is the largest bird in Africa. It has the wingspan of 2.6 meters and the ability to uplift prey weighs up to 8 kgs. They live up to 14 years with the sexual partner for the lifetime. Founded in the Sub-Sahara Africa region, most likely to establish in the protective areas.


  • Eyesight 3 to 3.5 times better than human
  • Ability to reproduce from the age of six or seven years
  • Favourite food includes lizards, game bird, Hare and guineafowl
  • Human is the only predator of this creature
  • Lay one egg once in two years
Final Words

Your kind attitude towards the largest eagles in the world can only save the beauty of the earth but also play an essential role in keeping the balance of the ecosystem. Hope, you like the fact. Which is your favorite eagle of all? For more such posts, keeping reading the ParakeetHome