Parakeet Care – Expert Guide to Keep Your Parakeet Healthy in 2022

Bird sanctuaries are found all over the globe. The newest trend is bird aviaries in rehabilitation facilities and long-term nursing homes where patients can sit and enjoy these beauties. Many private homes buy these beautiful birds to train and have a companion.

Birds are beautiful to look at, enjoyable teach, and even more enjoyable when you speak to them, and they answer back. It does take you time and effort to train a bird to talk, but it is well-worth the effort.

I believe that if you want to invest in a Parakeet and you must devote time and energy to giving the bird excellent care and training. Good parakeet care adds years of life to this species. The following article offers common sense and helpful tips for Parakeet owners or soon to be owners.

Birds Require Devotion and Attention

I believe that if you give your pet Parakeet a clean environment, safety, warmth, proper nutrition, and the most valuable of all your time, your bird will live a long happy life and give you hours of fun and enjoyment. Parakeets are trainable, and this is part of the fun living with this type of bird.

I say, decide now if you, a potential Parakeet owner can live up to these attributes for quality Parakeet care. Far more is involved than just pet ownership.

There must be a fierce devotion to providing a high level of care for your bird. If you feel that being a pet owner takes too much energy, time, or money, then please do not consider buying a Parakeet or any pet for that matter.

For those who have had parakeets in the home for many years and for those who are thinking of buying a Parakeet as a family pet, this article could be of great value to you, a Parakeet, pet owner.

I have found a wealth of information to use to your advantage in caring for your bird that you will find helpful. The Internet is an excellent source of information about your Parakeet bird Caring. I have had personal experiences with felines, dogs, and birds and they require a lot of love, attention, and training.

Hopefully, this knowledge removes any doubts you have in regards to how to fully care for a defenseless, harmless bird or pet.

I broke this article down into sections for easier reading, which covers first and foremost the need to know topics about Parakeet Caring.

Read and enjoy new up-to-date information from the world of Parakeets and how to care for your beloved family pet.

The World of the Parakeet

the world of parakeetthe world of parakeetthe world of parakeet

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There are over 100 species of Parakeets from around the world, but the most common type, called Budgies are what pet Parakeet lovers take home. This kind of parakeet originated in Australia, but the United States is the breeding ground for Budgies.

The Budgie is one of the smallest of birds. Due to space limitations, I cannot offer and an explanation of each species, so I am going to focus on the most common, household bird, the Budgie, perfect for children and adults in the home.

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The important thing about a Parakeet is that they are very friendly and make good companions. They are fun, intelligent, and active critters and most of all are trainable with a bit of work, effort, and time. They are fragile, so handle with comprehensive parakeet take care.

Other great things to remember is that the Parakeet demands little space, they are inexpensive, and found in abundance in typical pet stores selling Parakeets.

You can buy your Parakeet in any pet store that has these small birds for sale, or you can look up Parakeet breeders.

These birds are colorful and attractive in beautiful shades of green, yellow and blue and sometimes other color combinations.

Good Cages for Your Parakeet

parakeet requires good cagesparakeet requires good cagesparakeet requires good cages

I feel it wise to purchase a home for the bird first. Before you go out and buy your bird. Line the floor with newspaper. Put up all the necessary toys as explained under toys. Have the necessary food on hand. Now you are ready to buy your Parakeet to bring home.

I always feel that the size of the cage matters greatly, so your bird has room to exercise, roam, and just spread their wings if they so choose. If your budget allows for a bigger cage, this is better for the bird.

Never put your bird into a damaged, used cage that is not intact from the cage bars and door to the paint. All must be solidly intact. Never put your bird in a small cage. I recommend a square or rectangle cage, as is safer and makes a most accommodating home.

Make sure you have plenty of wood perches and rope hanging in the bird cage, and buy various widths, placing them from the floor to the top. Never use poles covered with sandpaper as this type of paper can damage the bird’s feet.

Birds adore climbing. A larger cage offers more space to play and exercise. I know that there are attractive round cages, but better to avoid them if it is not big enough.

Ideally, you should invest in a cage that stands on the floor. You will be happy you spent a bit more, and the cage will last the life of the bird.


Our Editor listed best parakeet cages after researching a lot, based on verified users feedback, ratings, durability and price.

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Birds love attention and watch what is going on in the household. Place their cage in a much-used room, away from drafty windows and bright sunlight, but one that offers peace and quiet during the night is excellent.

The kitchen is highly inappropriate as a resting place for your bird’s cage. There are too many dangers in your kitchen, from water, to heat, to the refrigerator and freezer to all your chemicals stored under the sink.

Do not buy sand paper for the floor of this cage, but a newspaper is the perfect floor lining. The plain old newspaper is what professionals recommend today. Change this every day or when the paper becomes soiled for the bird’s sake and your health.

Parakeet Care & Safety Comes First

parakeet care safety comes firstparakeet care safety comes firstparakeet care safety comes first

Never put the bird’s bars more than 1/2 inch apart. Birds have been known to stick their head between the bars and get stuck, hurt, or die due to this miscalculation of space.

Never use a bird cage that shows chipped bars or rust.

I found that my birds felt uncomfortable and insecure in round cages. I found this out as we cared for our birds. I found in my research that the professionals support this notion about cages.

Think of your babies and then you already know what is unsafe for your bird. Things like open windows, open cupboards, hot surfaces, standing water, chemicals left out, and many other things can harm and kill your bird.

Birds feel safer at night if you securely cover the cage until morning. They rest better when it is dark.

Exercise is important for your bird, so after your bird is comfortable with their surroundings you can let the bird out of the cage and fly to get exercise. They like to walk around on the floor, so what your step and it is not a good idea to let your bird out when small children are in the room.

Never underestimate the intelligence of a bird. Birds figure out how to open cage doors at the most inopportune times. Use lock guards on their door to keep them safe.

I did not believe in using fur, strings, and anything the bird could swallow. I do not buy these things for any of our pets, they are dangerous. Another example is the small foil play balls. I think they are a dangerous toy.

Parakeet Toys to Engage Them

parakeet toys to engage themparakeet toys to engage themparakeet toys to engage them

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Buy your Parakeet toys to promote exercise and mental acuity. Toys need to be fun and aspiring. Hang some bells, balls, ropes, ladders, and mirrors. Birds love looking into mirrors. Birds enjoy swings and soft, chewy wood to pick at which helps to sharpen their beaks. Hanging seed sticks are a favorite item for Parakeets.

Find The Best Parakeet Toys

Our editor listed best toys for your parakeet that really makes them happy.

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Interesting toys alleviates boredom, offers exercise, and keeps life interesting for your Parakeet. Just like your children when they get bored, they get into trouble and start to display negative behaviors. Birds are highly intelligent, so they need this kind of activity.

Never make the sad mistake of leaving nothing for your bird to keep busy. I feel this leans towards abuse of your Parakeet and you never want to harm a beloved pet.

Parakeet Food & Nutrition

parakeet foodparakeet foodparakeet food

I think that slanted tops over food and water dishes are best to use, so the bird does not pee or poop in their dishes.

Birds must sharpen their beaks, and another way they can do this is by hanging a cuttle bone in the cage. Birds are no different than humans, they need calcium, and a cuttlebone fills this need.

Looking for Parakeets Food?

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There are nearly 30 foods that you never allow your bird to eat some of which make your bird sick or die as they are toxic to birds. Be sure you do your research on toxic foods and memorize these foods. Research what human foods parakeets enjoy that is healthy nutritional options with their seed diet.

Grass seed is well received by Budgies, supplemented with some human food items like fresh organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and some pasta.

Clean and refill water and food dishes daily. If you have more than one bird in a cage, make sure each bird has a dish of food and water because some do not and will not share with other birds.

Train Your Parakeet – Be Wise

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It is important to remember to be persistent in the training of your Parakeet. Attempt to set a particular time of the day to put your bird through a training process, and eventually, your persistence pays off. You will soon have a wonderfully trained and fun companion.

Do you Know? bird needs time to get used to your voice and mannerisms!

After a few days, you can put your hand in the cage and hold out your index finger. If the bird feels secure and comfortable, your bird will hop aboard. Do not rush the process; give the bird extra time to trust your intentions.

If you have not explored some bird toys, you will be amazed at what high technology has developed for our feathered friends such as, a digital motion-activated mirror. The technology was never this advanced when I had birds. I was amazed at these innovations.

This toy records the words you want to teach your bird. When the bird lands on the mirror perch, this activates the mirror to keep repeating your word. Eventually, the bird picks up on the word and starts to talk the word.

A new Parakeet in that new cage you just bought needs patience to get to know you. Avoid any instant hands or fingers in the cage. Take time getting to know your pet.

The bird also needs time to get to know if they can trust you. Take it slow and easy. It is recommended just to talk with your parakeet so the bird can get used to recognizing family voices.

Play some soft music. Music is a global communication tool for humans and animals. Soft music is soothing to any soul, be it animal or human.

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When you leave the house for a few hours or even go to work leave on soft music for your bird, they appreciate the company. I believe soft music helps to keep the bird’s anxiety level low and gives them company.

Learn 15 Proven Techniques on Parakeet Talking!

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Anytime you work on the bird’s cage with filling dishes or cleaning the floor, reaching for toys and so forth, take the time to talk to your bird in a gentle and soothing tone. Do not rush into their home and not consider them, talk your way into their home and heart.

Training comes in any matter you want to train your bird, such as holding out one index finger straight with the bird sitting on it, and keep your other index finger just above the first, enticing your bird to take a step up. Parakeets learn simple tricks quickly.

Even more exotic birds, parakeets included, and Macaws are very friendly. They will fly to you as soon as they are comfortable with you and their surroundings.

These feathered friends become transfixed when they see sparkling items like gold and silver necklaces or earrings because the luminous glow of these things beckoned their attention. If they see these things, they are likely to fly to them and pick the item to play with what get their attention.

Never mind and ignore it if your bird just happens to pick too hard at your necklace or earrings. The bird quickly learns a quiet and calm, “No.” As with your children, use restraint and never strike out, hit, or yell at your bird.

You should never, and I cannot say this strongly enough, act on these bad emotions, always use restraint.

These adverse actions are an unforgivable sin towards children and pets that cannot defend themselves against this abuse.

These measures constitute a form of ill-treatment. These negative emotions erase all the good you tried to do. It will take you longer to achieve a level of trust or confidence.

Animals, no matter what the type of species is smart enough to pick up on your emotions.

Animals recognize sadness, joy, friendliness, anger, and fear. The bird can pick this up from their owners, so beware of your actions around your bird, just as you would around your children.

Parakeet Health Tips

Be sure you have a vet who treats birds and researches your options well for a quality and knowledgeable avian doctor for your bird.

Good parakeet care means monitoring the health of your bird. If you want birds in your home, you need to prepare an emergency kit and this website tells you what to have on hand. Build this emergency kit before you bring your bird home and have it available with the number of the Avian.

When an emergency happens, you may just fall apart. Try to stay calm and collected, so you can meet the emergency the very best way you can, and call your vet immediately or just get to the vet as soon as possible. I realize that it is hard to stay calm; easier said than done.

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I am aware that getting excited serves no useful purpose for the pet that quickly picks up your emotions. All any pet parent can do is, “Do the best you can do, during the emergency.

Learn all you can about how to take care of a Parakeet so that you can do the very best for your little feathered and loyal friend.