What type of Dogs Breeds are Good With Parrots?

Pets bring joy and harmony to our lives and surround us with love and good vibes. Having many different pets involves lots of responsibilities and effort to ensure they are getting along well with one another. When you already have a pet and want to make a new addition to your family, but the new pet is a different species, the entire process becomes much more complicated.

parrots and dogsparrots and dogs

Parrots and dogs are some of the most controversial couples of pets that can finally get along if managed with precaution and tact. Dogs tend to show a natural interest in parrots, while the parrots usually feel anxious in the company of dogs. Some dogs may show aggression toward parrots, while others may ignore them completely. Many dog breeds don’t get accustomed to the idea that birds aren’t preys, so they may behave worse. Furthermore, some dog breeds were bred to hunt other animals and their instinct is so strong that they cannot ignore it.

Usually, dogs tend to keep their curiosity alive for about a week and then they lose their interest. Of course, depending on the breed, dogs act differently.

The better behaved your dog is, the soonest your parrot will get accustomed to it. If your dog lets the bird alone and doesn’t knock the cage, the bird will start to ignore him. If you bring home a dog and already have a parrot, both dogs and birds may be more placid and self-controlled. He won’t be delighted to have his cage pushed and knocked, but he will treat your dog’s presence with indifference as he would treat any newcomer.

If you have a non-hunting dog breed which is well-trained and passive, he can develop a safe relationship with your parrot.

Introduce them slowly

Dogs are predators in the wild and their instinct makes them perceive birds as a prey. Even the calmest and quietest dog may have the instinct to hunt a bird. When you introduce them, start very slowly so they can accommodate each other. Make sure you bring them into contact over the course of a couple of weeks. This way you avoid any potential accident that can hurt your parrot or frighten him to death.

Keep your dog under control and allow him to sniff the cage and watch the parrot moving in his cage. If he starts to bark or jump up, try to calm him down and make him understand he is not allowed to play with the cage.

Use a neutral territory

When you put them into contact, choose a neutral area, so they don’t believe they are on their own territory. Unfamiliar spaces are known for reducing aggressive behavior in animals.

Keep your dog on a leash and your bird in a cage

Make sure your dog is on a leash and your parrot in his cage. This way your parrot will be safe, and the introduction will be easier. Don’t release any of them until they are both comfortable with each other.

Offer them treats for good behaviors

Give them treats if they behave well when being together. This is an excellent way to reward them in this stage of their relationship. Provide yourself with enough treats to offer them before putting them into contact.

Don’t leave them unattended

Bring them in a neutral space, keep them confined and make sure you don’t leave them unattended until they are comfortable together. When everything seems perfect and they seem to be accustomed to one another, off-leash your dog in the room if he stills behave well. Later, you can also allow them to interact directly by releasing the bird from his cage but be careful because a free-flying bird arises a dog’s instinct to chase and bite.

Avoid letting them alone. Dogs may become aggressive unexpectedly and may harm other animals even if they seemed friendly at a certain moment. Also, don’t allow your dog to lick the parrot because birds are prone to catch diseases through other’s animals saliva.

Dog Breeds that get along with Parrots

bird friendly dog breedsbird friendly dog breeds


Terriers are known for their independent nature and for their instinct to purchase other animals. Many terriers were bred to kill small animals like rodents, otters, foxes, and badgers. Contrary to the belief that they cannot be good companions for parrots if well-trained, terriers can become best bird friendly dog breeds. If you are in love with these breeds, you should know that there are many breeds in this category. Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale are some of the most amazing terrier dogs. If you are interested to adopt one, check out here.

Herding dogs

Herding and working dogs can be taught to be tempered and friendly with birds. This category includes Border Collies, Sheepdogs, Great Pyrenees, Swiss Mountain and Bernese Mountain dogs. They are gentle dogs that behave friendly with other pets.

Sporting dogs

Sporting dogs like Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are affectionate and kind dogs that get along very well with parrots . Parrots and dogs, when you put them into contact analyze their reactions. If the dog shows interest, they may get along easily. If he shows signs of aggression and barks or growls, they are most likely to be incompatible.


Puppies are balls of energy and usually tend to be playful, to chew and nip, so they may harm a bird when interacting together. On the other hand, if a dog is accustomed to a bird since he is a puppy, they may become best companions. So, if you’re considering making a new addition to your family think carefully about the breeds’ characteristics. Adult dogs may be better choices for mixing with birds because their predatory instincts are easier to be noticed.


Regardless of the breed, any dog may behave aggressively in a company of a parrot. Dogs are unique in temperaments and behaviors, so if you want to make sure you take a good decision, analyze their behaviors, eventually in the company of a dog behavior expert who is able to evaluate their reactions and determine if they can get along with one another.

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