Best 5 Prevue Bird Cages Review for your Fluffy Parrot in 2022

Whether you are preparing to bring home your first bird, adding a different type of bird to the ones you already have or simply trying to make sure you have a bird cage that will make your current feathered pet happy, there are certain things that can help you find the perfect bird cage. Keep reading for tips on how to choose the cage that is best for your needs and a review of the top five Prevue bird cages for your parrot.

What to Consider to Buy a Prevue Hendryx Cage?

When choosing the perfect bird cage, you need to consider:


You need a cage that will allow your bird to stretch its wings without touching the bars or flying into cage mates. For more flying room, choose wider cages and for more personal space, taller cages work best.

Bar Spacing

The bars need to be spaced close enough so your bird can’t get its head through but far enough apart so a wing or foot won’t get stuck.


Look for a cage that allows easy access to food and water dishes. Slide-out litter trays make cleaning cages easier and create less upset for your bird. A large access door with a multi-step latch will make it easy to reach your bird but will help keep even the smartest bird, or other household pet, from opening the cage unexpectedly.


While round cages may look cute, birds need squared corners in order to feel safe. A dome-shaped top will add more room to a cage, but try to provide corners for security.

Best 5 Prevue Hendryx Bird Cages


Cage Name


Cage Details

Wrought Iron Flight Cage Large
37″ x 23″ x 60″
Black Hammer-tone Wrought Iron Bird Cage
24″ x 20″ x 60″
Signature Series Dome-top Cage
46″ x 36″ x 78″
Prevue Flight Cage Brown
26″ x 14″ x 36″
Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage
20″ x 12″ x 16″

Wrought Iron Flight Cage Large

  • Product Description

This is another flight cage for multiple smaller birds such as parakeets or finches. It would also accommodate a pair of cockatiels comfortably. The cage is 37-Inch long, 23-inch wide and 60-inch tall with 1/2-inch wire spacing. Only 42 inches of the overall height are the actual cage and the rest are made up by the castered stand, which also includes an added storage shelf for supplies.


  1. ​Large enough to keep several small birds active and happy. Also large enough for a pair of cockatiels and their newly born hatchlings.
  2. Black wrought iron construction makes this both beautiful and strong enough to keep your smaller birds safe for years.
  3. Extra storage shelf gives you room to store supplies and extra toys to switch out for variety.


  1. Extra storage shelf gives you room to store supplies and extra toys to switch out for variety.
  2. Wire may be easily chewed through by birds with sharp beaks.

Black Hammer-tone Wrought Iron Bird Cage

  • Product Description

This cage measures 24 x 20 x 60 inches. The actual “living space” is 18 x 18 inches. The space between bars is 3/4-inch. This cage is meant for a pair of cockatiels or a single conure. Smaller birds would be at risk of getting through the bars and there isn’t enough space for larger parrots. There is a play area included that you can choose to put on top of the cage. This may allow for larger birds who spend most of the day outside the cage to feel better.


  1. The door is secured with both a latch and a push button lock, making this cage extremely secure.
  2. The castered stand includes two slide out trays for easy cleaning and a storage drawer that is enclosed for safekeeping of supplies.
  3. Construction is sturdy and the included seed trays allow for less mess from seeds being scattered.


  1. The door leading to the play area may be awkward for non-flyers to navigate and they will need something added to allow them the ability to climb out.
  2. The types of birds that will find this cage safe and roomy are limited to cockatiels, lovebirds, and small conures.

Signature Series Dome-top Cage

  • Product Description

This is Prevue’s largest cage and measures 46-Inch long, 36-inch wide, 78-3/4-inch high with 1-3/8 inch wire spacing. This is ideal for a large bird like a macaw or several slightly smaller birds like cockatoos. The wide wire spacing might be too wide for smaller birds.

The solid construction is powder-coated to prevent rusting and the silver coloring makes it an excellent-looking cage that looks good wherever you place it. It also comes with casters for easy moving and is put together with screws that are “beak-proof”.


  1. Large enough to make your larger birds feel like they have plenty of space for climbing and playing.
  2. Sturdy construction that will hold up to bird beaks and escape artists that can’t fit through the bars.
  3. Powder-coated, which helps reduce peeling and rusting.


  1. Needs to be in a room with at least a seven-foot ceiling and can’t easily be moved from one room to another or taken outside for cleaning.
  2. Smaller members of the parrot family may fit through the bars or risk getting stuck. Base your decision on your bird’s size rather than breed.

Prevue Flight Cage Brown

  • Product Description

This cage is 26″W x 14″D x 36″H, which makes it perfect if you have two or more small birds such as budgies, canaries or finches. A pair of cockatiels would fit comfortably but they may not have much room for flying. The overall size makes it possible for your smaller birds to have plenty of space for flying and playing. With four included perches, they can pick and choose to be close or give each other space.

There is also plenty of room to allow for a nesting box if you want to include it. This cage is easy to assemble and easy to clean. There are plenty of doors for easy access. The construction material may not be strong enough for containing active cockatiels or any larger bird, especially ones with hooked beaks.


  1. Large enough for at least four smaller birds.
  2. Plenty of space for flying and playing as well as nesting.
  3. Access is easy for cleaning yet strong enough to keep birds secure.


  1. Access is easy for cleaning yet strong enough to keep birds secure.
  2. Only includes one each of the food and water bowls so you may want to purchase extras if you have more than two birds.
  3. You will need to find a sturdy stand or table to put it on as it does not come with a stand.

Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage

  • Product Description

This is the perfect cage for medium birds, such as cockatiels, lovebirds, and smaller conures, that need to be taken from one location to another. The cage is strong yet lightweight and comes with a perch and water and food dishes so your bird will feel as comfortable as possible. The ability to fold the cage makes it easy to store when not needed and the large door allows your bird the ability to walk into the cage, which eliminates the upset with birds that don’t like being held too closely.


  1. Comfortable and safe for most medium-sized birds.
  2. Easy to store and clean. The food and water dishes fit nicely inside the tray when folded so they don’t get lost.
  3. Construction material makes this lightweight but still sturdy enough to last through years of use on a regular basis.


  1. Not suitable for small birds such as parakeets or finches or larger parrots.
  2. No seed guard so you will need to provide some coverage of the area or end up cleaning spilled seeds.


1. Can I add extra things to these cages?

Yes, Prevue also includes a complete line of accessories such as seed guards, perches, and toys to help you customize your cage to suit your bird’s personality and interests.

2. Does Prevue offer other cage options besides these?

These are simply the top five cage choices for the general bird owner. Prevue also offers specialized breeding cages as well as other sizes and styles for both permanent housing and travel.

3. Where can I find Prevue bird cages? 

All the top pet stores carry Prevue bird cages and accessories.

Final Thoughts

Birds tend to have longer life spans than other pets and you want to make sure the cage you choose is going to last as long as possible. Prevue bird cages are up to the task.

The high-quality materials used in their construction are strong and the attention to bar spacing and other safety features makes these ideal cages for the majority of pet birds. Many of these cages come in a variety of sizes so you aren’t limited to one size in a particular shape. This is a line of bird cages that is worth checking out.