Do You Know Which are the Best Dog Breeds for Multi-Pet Households?

Having a dog in your life is definitely one of the best things you can do. Dogs are capable of offering unconditional love in exchange for a bit of care and attention. It is even proven that a dog can diminish stress levels and can calm us down at the end of a busy day. But, do you know what dog breed is best in your case?

Many people choose their dogs based on looks or popularity. While it is possible to choose a good dog breed this way, there are several other aspects to consider before deciding to take a dog home. Bear in mind that dogs live for a good number of years, so once you get one, you will bear full responsibility for it. Yes, a dog is a responsibility, but what a dog can give back to you is an invaluable reward. A dog will never judge you, will accept you for who you are, and will always be happy to see you, no matter what.

So, you need to consider your daily schedule, activity level, budget, and living space when considering to get a dog. Some dogs are more active and will need more exercising and playtime. Some can feel rather uncomfortable indoors due to their size or elevated activity level. Some dog breeds are a bit more sensitive, which can translate into higher vet bills. Thus, you need to think well before getting a dog and know all the facets of the matter.

But, once you find the ideal dog breed in your case, you will gain a friend and companion that will never let you down. To make sure you are choosing the right dog for you, here are some of the most important aspects to consider.

How much time do you have available?

One of the best things of having a dog is related to the fact that you will always be greeted by a happy creature each time you come back home, no matter how long you’ve been gone. But, you need to remember that a dog requires time, attention, and affection. You cannot take a dog and expect it to wait for you calmly all day long, day after day. Dogs suffer if they are separated from their owners for extended periods, in most cases this aspect triggering high levels of stress for the dog.

So, how much room do you have in your schedule for a dog? Besides walking the dog, playing with it, and simply spending time together, dogs will have to be groomed, cleaned, and fed. Walking and grooming are two aspects that can be closely connected to the type of breed you choose. In terms of grooming, if you opt for a Pug or Chihuahua, their short coats won’t pose too much trouble.

The Cockapoo or Maltese, on the other hand, will need periodic grooming and trimming. The best part is that these dogs have hypoallergenic coats, which means that they will barely shed. And if you give the dog a puppy cut, your grooming-related tasks will drop even more. If you are a Maltese enthusiast, you should check out these Maltese puppies for sale. Choose a responsible dog breeder or provider and you will enjoy a happy and healthy pup for very many years to come.

What about your activity level?

Regardless of breed and size, each dog should enjoy daily walks. A walk will keep the dog in great physical shape, will give it the chance to burn its energy, and promote good mental health as well. Not to mention that spending time outside will give the dog the chance to take care of its physiological needs as well, reducing their event indoors.

The difference is that some dog breeds require longer walks or even proper exercising. This depends on the dog’s activity level

What’s the size of your living space? Is there any outdoor space available or just indoor?

You may like a German Shepherd, for example, but if you’re living in a small apartment, this can be an issue for a large dog. It is possible to keep such a large dog in a small living space, with the condition that it will get to enjoy a good amount of time outdoors, exercising. So, you should decide whether you have sufficient time and energy to exercise and walk a large dog.

Of course, there are small breed dogs with a high level of energy as well, like the Jack Russel Terrier and other terrier breeds. They can easily spend their days in small living environments, as long as they get the chance to burn their energy through play sessions and outdoor exercising. So, if you want to make sure that the dog is comfortable in your home, you should take space and time availability, together with the dog’s size and exercising requirements, into account when choosing the best breed.

In case you live in a house with a backyard, it is easier to give your dog the chance to spend time outside, running around the yard and playing. Still, don’t assume that if you have outdoor space, you won’t have to spend that much time with your dog. Besides care, good living conditions, and exercising, our dogs also need our attention and affection. These two makes them the happiest.

A good dog will change your life

A dog can be a real blessing in one’s life, whether we are talking about single people, seniors, couples, or families with children. Dogs can reduce our stress levels and make us smile after a long and hard day. Simply petting a dog will have calming effects on our brain. Dogs also get us out of the house, so we can enjoy a bit of fresh air and exercise, instead of spending way too much time in front of the TV or devices. The only thing you need to be careful about is to find the dog breed that suits you best.

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